Sleepin’ Dog is the studio of Nancy Greever Brooks, who has degrees from Mary Baldwin College and SUNY-Buffalo, and has studied at the world-renowned Penland School of Crafts. Nancy brings her interest in anthropology, art history, and painting to her fused glass creations. In the studio, she is kept good company by Bacchus and Scotch – who are often her sleepin’ dogs.

Sleepin’ Dog is proud to be featured in many galleries across the United States and worldwide in select private collections.




“I have always believed that art is a means to an end – a way for the individual to convey almost any message. In my case, the message is communicated via glass, silver, polymer, and the occasional odd item. I think that a need to make or appreciate art is a universal element in the human character, and that need is potentially one of the healthiest attributes. I am lucky enough to have discovered the activity that not only gives me great joy and satisfaction but has been a conduit to an entire lifestyle.”


For information about upcoming shows, arranging commissions, or purchases, contact Nancy.

PHONE   276.979.4232